Gilmer, TX

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110 Buffalo Street
Gilmer, TX 75644
Fax: 903.843.3508!

Police/Fire Dept

The mission of the Gilmer Police Department is to positively impact the quality of life throughout the community.  To achieve these ends, the Department is committed to forming practical partnerships with the citizenry, which includes a mutual goal setting process at resolving problems, reducing fear, preserving the peace and enforcing the law, thereby providing a safer environment for all citizens.
Gilmer’s fire department is a “Combination Department” that consists of 7 full-time paid employees and 45 volunteer firefighters. Six of our full-time firefighters work a 24/48 schedule with the seventh serving as “Station Supervisor” working a M-F/8-5 schedule. Our volunteer firefighters consist of individuals interested in serving our community and helping our neighbors. Our department consists of a firefighter with 36 years of service to new fire fighters and many in between.